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    Hycat™ Catalysts are designed to accelerate the reaction of many different types of epoxides including Cycloaliphatics, BADGE’s, Novolacs, Cyanate Esters, Silanes and more with anhydrides, carboxylic acids or imides. They are also effective in accelerating the reaction of other small ring compounds including aziridines and oxetanes, will promote the reaction of polyols with anhydrides and are ideal for the manufacture of epoxy acrylates (aka vinyl esters).

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Dimension Technology Chemical Systems

Dimension Technology Chemical Systems, Inc., specializes in the development and manufacture of chemical accelerators for the epoxy industry. Our proprietary line of Hycat™ Catalysts provide unique low to moderate temperature curing performance in a wide variety of epoxy formulations for a number of commercial applications including the formation of epoxy-derivatives such as monomers, oligomers, acrylates and other intermediates.

Hycat™ Catalysts are designed for use in Epoxy-Anhydride and Epoxy-Carboxylic Acid formulations. Hycat™ Catalysts will also promote other small ring compounds such as aziridines and oxetanes and accelerate the reaction of polyols with anhydrides.

Hycat™ Catalysts have low onset temperatures and curing profiles that are unique in the epoxy industry. Specifically in applications such as composite manufacturing, Hycat™ Catalysts allow for materials that have been wet out with low viscosity materials to gel quickly at low temperatures without releasing excessive heat in the early stages of the reaction that can typically lead to voids, cracks and excessive shrinkage in the final polymer. Full cures can then be completed at moderate temperatures resulting in excellent uniform polymers.

Hycat™ Catalysts are liquid so they are easy to handle and can be readily adjusted to meet desired cure cycles, pot life, glass transition temperature and other mechanical specifications. In some cases, through proper optimization, formulators have been able to reduce or even eliminate high temperature post cure cycles using Hycat™ Catalysts. This translates into significant savings in time, energy and increased capacity. It has also been found that by using Hycat™ Catalysts in anhydride formulations where post milling or machining are required that the final products are much less susceptible to chipping and chafing compared to some amine and imidazole formulations. And further, where thick parts require a balance between fast cure and zero voids, Hycat™ Catalysts have been found to be superior performers.

Hycat™ Catalysts are REACH and RoHS compliant and are manufactured in ISO 9002 certified facilities. Commercial quantities are available in 4L (4Kgs) bottles, 20L (20 Kgs) jerricans, 50L (50 Kgs) drums and 200L (200 Kgs) drums. Free evaluation samples are available via our Sample Request page.

Hycat™ Catalysts (with the exception of Hycat™ AO-4) are based on an activated (DTCS Proprietary Process) oxo-centered-trinuclear Chromium +3 complex. Chromium +3 compounds (aka trivalent chromium), are generally considered to be non-toxic by the EPA and are not to be confused with hazardous Chromium +6 compounds (aka Hexavalent Chromium). In fact Chromium +3 compounds are sold as over the counter dietary supplements such as chromium picolinate and Chromium +3 is considered to be an essential trace element for the human metabolism. For more toxicological information on Chromium +3 please see the US Dept of Health & Human Services, National Institute of Health website at https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Chromium-HealthProfessional/

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